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AMAZING GROUP 的影像师都是由世界知名婚礼摄影师KEDA.Z(英国摄影大师FMPA,UK最高资格认证导师)所培训出来的艺术家,摄影家,并且都通过MPA英国摄影大师协会(Master Photographers Association)的考核获得资格认证,让更多的新人有机会体验高水准的拍摄技术及拥有美丽幸福的回忆。
AMAZING GROUP 为新人提供的影像产品都由世界知名获奖摄影工作室KEDA.Z PHOTOGRAPHY负责后期,研发及监督,让更多的新人有机会得到高品质的产品。

A complete wedding is an experience that we can create romantic and also a valuable opportunity to create beautiful memories. There are many people used to own it, but it can't be last forever, a few years later ...... Memory is not fresh in mind like before, all beautiful memories gradually faded.
There is only a few significance matters in lifetime, one of which is marriage. We work together to create our own memories, with a high standard shooting techniques, the use of fine-art and beautiful way to capture every single beautiful moment and it would be forever preserved.

Our Happiness with Still & Motion.
AMAZING Group (Production by KEDA.Z Photography)