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校长 Ben Lee ,中国大陆新晋摄影师,擅长风景人像摄影,作品风格唯美大气,受到国内婚礼摄影师的广泛认可,Ben Lee 从2012年年底开始进入婚礼婚纱摄影领域,但其以惊人的速度成长,在2014年首次参加WPPI(国际婚礼及肖像摄影协会)年终比赛,就获得了一金奖,四银奖的好成绩,之后在国内的MPA(英国摄影大师学会)的中国地区考核上,更是成为国内仅有的三位AMPA其中一位.


Ben Lee 还会进行其他领域的拍摄,例如风景,人文,灯光,建筑的拍摄,喜欢融合各个不同领域的拍摄方法和特点,创出一套自己独有的拍摄风格,然后运用在婚纱和婚礼的拍摄上面,他所拍摄的婚纱作品特别与众不同,令人印象深刻.


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婚纱拍摄作品Pre-Wedding Photography by Ben Lee


Ben Lee, well known as "The Principal", is a wedding photographer from Guang Zhou, China. Specialise in landscape wedding photography, with aesthetic atmosphere working style. Ben Lee is a widely recognised domestic wedding photographer. He had entered the Wedding Photography Industry since early 2012, and was growing in a quick pace. In 2014, he had participate in WPPI (wedding and portrait Photography International Association) year-end tournament, he scored a gold & four silver medal. After the first MPA (Master Photographer Association) examination in China, he have become one of the first three MPA member from China, with the title of "Associate of MPA"
Ben Lee is also an expert in other areas, such as shooting landscapes, culture, lighting, architecture, and features like the integration of the various shooting methods in different areas, creating its own set of unique shooting style, and then applying the techniques at his wedding works. 
When Ben is at work, he always has his unique approach, insisted on documentary photography, and integrate aesthetic and atmospheric shooting style to the wedding scenes which make the wedding photos more vivid and classical.